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  • If you do not believe in yourself then don’t read this book.
  • If you are fatalistic then don’t read this book.
  • If you have tremendous faith in astrology, numerology and zero faith in your self then don’t read this book.
  • If you wish to lead a life of slavery then don’t read this book.
  • This book is meant for individuals who believe in their innate power, their abilities, who wish to command in life, who sternly believe that life could be changed at any point of time irrespective of the circumstances you are currently in.
  • Change before the change is required.

About Me

I am a Motivational speaker and an Author. I have written one book titled “I won – you too can”. The early years of my life were mundane, very ordinary, docile, and I had all variety of fear lurking at different corners in my body. All these years my life had no goals to accomplish one day I discovered a book that propelled me to think about myself, about my growth, about my passion. From that day I took the rudder of my life with me and started giving it the desired direction.

Subhashish Ghoshal

It is said that each one of us has two lives, the first one is the life of ignorance, life of pleasure, life of innocence and the second one is the life of intense maturity, intense knowledge, intense wisdom. This second life is the last chance. My second life started when I was 43 years and from there no looking back. Till 43 years I was just a mediocre, professionally mediocre, socially mediocre, economically mediocre but thereafter it was an upward flight and it went up and up and up.

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Empower Motivation

Empower Motivation by Subhashish Ghoshal is not an ordinary YouTube Channel. Its a powerhouse for your soul, a medicine for your down feelings and a blessing for your heart. If you are feeling low, underestimated, nervous or someone has broken you emotionally, Come and join us for your happiness and make us happy too.

Universe of Motivation

It is not easy to motivate anyone until and unless you are motivated. Motivation is a tool, it is a gadget, a technique that has the power, the potential to blaze the path of all who come in its realms. Not to boast but somewhere I feel that motivation is an innate, inborn, inherent quality. Motivational speech should be an elixir, it should be a panacea, a life transforming tool that should empower you to metamorphose. Contact for motivational speeches.

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